Expectant Parents


Whether you will be first-time parents, or are looking for a new pediatrician for your family, call us to set up a no-charge visit to meet a physician and the staff. We call this visit a "pre-natal" visit (even if your child is already born or older) and we will answer questions you may have about the practice, as well as questions about what to expect once your baby is born, if you're expecting. We encourage you to contact the office which you would choose, which is generally the office closest to your home. Check out the "Locations" tab on the website for contact information.

Newborn Healthcare: In the Hospital & After

West End Pediatrics  wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible in the hospital, and after in checkups with our pediatricians. We’ve provided the steps below to outline what you can expect from your healthcare providers through delivery and after. We’ve also included recommendations for important steps you should take to make sure the experience goes smoothly.

  1. Before Delivery: Notify the hospital staff that you plan to be followed by West End Pediatrics, P.C. and provide them with your primary care pediatrician’s name.
  2. During Your Hospital Stay: The hospital pediatrician on-call for the day will examine your baby each morning that you are in the hospital and will visit with you after examining your baby.
  3. When Leaving the Hospital: At the time of discharge, the hospital’s doctor will let you know when to follow up with your pediatrician. Please request your child’s newborn discharge information from the hospital and bring this information to your first appointment with us.
  4. Following Up with West End Pediatrics: We recommend that all newborns follow up within one to two days after discharge from the hospital.

To schedule this first visit with your primary care pediatrician, call us at (212) 769-3070 during office hours. Let the staff member know that you need to schedule a hospital follow up for a newborn baby and you will be scheduled for an appointment in 24-48 hours as requested (available seven days/week).

Babies who are born needing significant medical intervention will be cared for by the specially trained neonatal staff at each hospital in their special care nursery. If you plan to follow up with West End Pediatrics and your baby is admitted to the special care nursery, please call our office and ask our staff to notify our on-call pediatrician.

Newborn Health Questions?

Our Pediatricians Listen & Answer

Throughout your years as a parent, remember that children of all ages have their own individual personalities and behavior patterns. Babies enter this world with their own unique temperament, and comparing your infant’s development with those of other like-aged children can be concerning as easily as it can be reassuring. We can help you get the answers and information you need to have peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is receiving the right medical care.

As questions arise, please know that members of West End Pediatrics look forward to discussing them with you. We can help you wade through what may feel like piles of information to find the right solution for your newborn, family and circumstances. Our nurses can quickly answer your questions and point you to helpful patient resources and information. We also host a complimentary new parent group to offer support and parenting help through the first years of a child’s life.

West End Pediatrics is proud to be a part of such a big step in our patients’ lives, and look forward to providing the best pediatric care and services to your child throughout her or his life. With two pediatric center locations in New York, we see many patients from surrounding cities, and beyond. We look forward to meeting with you and your new baby!