Make sure you see your physician at the most convenient time for your schedule by making your “Back to School” physical appointment now.

Simply give us a call, reserve your appointment date and time, and then enjoy the summer knowing you won’t be scrambling before fall to get all your “Back to School” tasks done.

West End Pediatrics is ready to help you with:

Pre-School and Kindergarten physicals and required vaccinations: You’ll be ready to supply the school with the necessary forms when they’re requested!

Middle School and High School sports physicalsYour children will be ready for fall sports practice when it starts in late summer! 

Annual wellness appointmentsMedication reviews, upcoming school trips abroad, and influenza vaccinations can all be discussed with your physician at the time of your appointment.

College physicals: Many universities have students moving into dorms by mid-August. Be prepared now to send them off in excellent health!

Asthma, Allergy & Special School Action PlansMeet with your physician to discuss your action plan for fall and have medications, the plan, and forms ready for the school nurse before school starts.

Call (212) 769-3070 for Uptown Appointments or (212) 353-0072 for Downtown Appointments.

Thanks for choosing West End Pediatrics.