For consult visits, a physician first meets alone with the parent(s) then with the parents and patient at a subsequent visit if necessary. These visits are allotted more time than the Sick Visits and the Well Child Visits. This will assure that your physician has the appropriate amount of time to spend with you and your child.

When setting an appointment for a consult, it is advised that the appointment be made with your regular doctor as he/she is more familiar with the intricacies and history of your child. We feel that this is the most appropriate method for ensuring continuity of care may be more appropriate if your child.

Typically, consults are scheduled for issue(s) such as:

School Readiness Academic Difficulties (LD, ADHD)
Parental Separation/Divorce Age Specific Adjustment Issue(s)
Emotional or Psychiatric Issue(s) Eating Disorders
Foreign Travel Chronic Headaches
Chronic Stomachaches Chronic Back or Joint Pain
Allergies or Asthma School or Behavioral Problems
Lactation Problems Other chronic or complicated conditions

Book a travel consult at least 6 weeks prior to departure; know which countries and regions within each country your child plans to visit. If traveling with a group that has specific recommendations or requirements, bring all necessary paperwork to your appointment. Recommended prescriptions and any necessary vaccinations will be given at the visit. If we do not have a required vaccine, we will refer you to a local travel clinic.

Travel Consults

If your child is traveling internationally, check the following websites for relevant advisories:

Centers for Disease Control

MD Travel Health

US State Department of Health